How It Works

TravelTag uses Bluetooth (Low Energy aka BLE or Bluetooth Smart) Beacons to track your checked bags. Bluetooth devices broadcast their unique identifier to nearby tablets, Smartphones or Smartwatches which enables them to perform an action (track your bag) when in close proximity to it.

Download the FREE TravelTag App for iOS or Android, follow the instructions and off you go! Think about how much time you’ll save each time you have to pickup your bag. That’s 18 minutes on average which, by the way, feels like an eternity when you’re tired, frustrated, angry, anxious, hungry, jet lagged, etc. And even more when with toddlers in tow or with young kids.

Download Download

Get the FREE TravelTag App from the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Register Register

Purchase a Beacon and register it. Personalize it by giving it a name. The name will be used in the message you receive so personalize it e.g. “Red Samsonite World Traveler Bag”. Don’t forget to take a picture!

Travel Travel

Place a Beacon in each bag you wish to track and go places! Then, share your experience and your feedback with us.

Track Track

Arrive at your destination and open TravelTag when you’re near the baggage carousel. Then, get a cup of coffee, enjoy some time with family, finish up a business conversation, look after the kids while the App monitors your bags. It will notify you as your bags arrive on the carousel. Sit back, relax and enjoy the freedom!

It’s That Simple!

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy not having to struggle across crowded spaces and fighting with complete strangers for a spot near the carousel.