Travel Through Wine Country of the World

Travel through some world famous and some lesser known wine countryies.

There are many countries across the globe that are known for their wine making. However, as a true wine lover, these are some locations that you absolutely must go visit! Making wine is truly an art form and there are 7 countries that seemed to have mastered this skill and are also beautiful countries that are a must see on your bucket list.

The United States

napaPretty much every state here has at least one vineyard that boasts local masterpieces. However, it is estimated that around 90% of all wine in the United States comes from California, though Oregon and Washington also offer great vineyards. In California, they have such notable locations as Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. These two locations produce so much wine that the other states just cannot compete with production. The grapevines in Sonoma were first planted in the 1820s by Spanish priests. This was so they were able to produce their own sacramental wine for masses in the area. Sonoma Valley is a gorgeous location that is just stunning to take in. Napa Valley has a wine train that offers a 3-hour tour that serves amazing food while touring the heart of California’s wine country.


canadaYou may not expect Canada to be known for its wine making, but it actually is. Most of the wine here is produced in British Columbia and southern Ontario. They have been producing wine for over 200 years. It has been said that the grapes that are grown in this colder climate may actually produce wine with complex flavors that can rival any other country’s wines.


australiaDue to the different climate zones and different soils Australia is able to produce an equally diverse selection of wines. Not only are they able to create reds and whites, but they are also famous for their fortified and sweet, sparkly wines. Because of this, the wineries here are internationally recognized.

South Africa

africaA majority of the wine produced here in South Africa comes from the south-west region of this country that is near the coastline. It is well suited to grow the best variety of grapes. A vineyard tour is a must when you are visiting this location. You can even stay overnight on the vineyard, allowing you to wake up to unbeatable views and the smell of grapes.


You may not think of wine when you think of Ireland, but they do have some vineyards that you must visit if you find yourself in this gorgeous country. A majority of these are found in County Cork, though you can also find some in Lusk.

The United Kingdom

WineMap_Britain_V4The wine from this location is typically referred to as either “English wine” or “Welsh wine”, depending on which location they are from. Thanks to the warmer summers seen in the area in recent years, the wine industry here is finally growing especially with their English sparkling wine.


Of course, when you thinkfrance of wine one of the first places you think of is France. There are so many different popular wines that come from here that the world of wine would be quite different without France. There are many different regions here for wine lovers to visit that it may take a few trips to take them all in.



So put these on your list of countries to visit and hey, always enjoy a #HappyLanding!