Relax! We’ve got your Thanksgiving travel covered.

If you’re panicked about traveling over the next few weeks, you’ve got company. With the number of Americans traveling this Thanskgiving expected to rise to 25.3 million, U.S. airports are going to be even more crowded this holiday season. The number of long-distance trips over the six-day Thanksgiving holiday is expected to increase by 54 percent, with an additional 60,000 passengers per day crowding the nation’s airports from Nov. 20 to Dec 1.

That often translates to longer security lines, extended delays and frayed nerves, not to mention jacked-up prices for travelers wishing to organize a last-minute getaway. The good news? (Yes, there’s good news!) You can avoid some of that chaos and calm your frayed nerves with this genius travel hack.

Download TravelTag today!

We waste 16+ Billion minutes each year waiting for our bags to arrive at the carousel. But, what if we didn’t have to hang around crowded airports, waiting on our checked bags to arrive at the carousel? Meet TravelTag, a luggage tracking App for iOS and Android that uses Bluetooth Smart Beacons to track your checked bags.

Simply, arrive at your destination and open TravelTag when you’re near the baggage carousel. Then, get a cup of coffee, enjoy some time with family, finish up a business conversation, look after the kids while the App monitors your bags. It will notify you as your bags arrive on the carousel. Sit back, relax and enjoy the freedom.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy not having to struggle across crowded spaces and pushing, shoving or fighting with complete strangers for a spot near the carousel.

Go on, then and make Master Shifu proud. Just download TravelTag and continue your legendary adventures of awesomeness this Thanksgiving!