Making business travel easy!

If you’ve seen someone who’s going to Paris or Tokyo for work and has posted a beautiful picture of it on Instagram, we’re sure you’ve sat at your desk and thought to yourself: ‘Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could travel for work as well?’ But the reality is often quite different for people constantly traversing the globe for work.

Check-in queues, long layovers, flight delays and endless hours of waiting around airports make up a huge part of the business traveler lifestyle, where the glamorized side of meetings in amazing places come with a physical, emotional and social cost.

Download TravelTag today!With James Bond’s latest adventure, Spectre, hitting theaters this weekend, we can’t help but wonder how the dude has made travel look good for more than 50 years. When have you ever seen him suffer any of the indignities of travel (except for the occasional international bad guy trying to kill him)?

While we may not be able to help you escape all of the less alluring aspects of frequent travel, there’s one aspect we could help fix: ‘hanging aimlessly around baggage carousels’. Imagine no longer having to wonder when your bag will arrive on the carousel. Imagine spending that time grabbing a coffee, making a phone call to your family or catching up on the last Lakers game. TravelTag can help you do that and more!

TravelTag is a luggage tracking app for iOS and Android that uses visual, audible and tactile notifications to ‘announce’ your bag when it arrives on the carousel. The App lets you identify your bags with confidence! It’s also incredibly easy to use. Once you purchase a Beacon and download the free TravelTag app, all you need to do is register the Beacon and place it in your checked bag.

You don’t need Q to help you pack for this one! Just download TravelTag today!