The ultimate travel hack for hassle-free holidays

Airline travel can be stressful no matter the time of year, but the holiday season always seems to be worse. If you are dreading sitting around waiting on your checked bags to arrive after surviving an uncomfortable flight, here’s a travel hack that might make your break go a bit more smoothly. This graphic highlights how TravelTag, a handy luggage tracking app for iOS and Android, makes your upcoming holiday travel hassle-free.

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  • We waste 16 Billion mins each year waiting for our bags to arrive at the carousel #traveltech »tweet«
  • 3.3. Billions trips were taken last year, worldwide. #traveltech »tweet«
  • TravelTag uses BLE or Bluetooth Smart Beacons to track your checked bags #traveltech »tweet«
  • TravelTag sends visual, audible and tactile notifications to your phone when your bags arrive #travelapp »tweet«

Waiting Around Baggage Carousels? TravelTag can help Infographic

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