Hate waiting at baggage carousels? TravelTag can help.

Air travel is far from perfect – the uncomfortable airplanes, airport security checks, the long lines at check-in, the small seats, etc. The list of grievances goes on and on, and often makes you wonder when the Star Trek Transporter will become a reality on Kickstarter.

Most of us experience a range of negative emotions including anger, anxiety, and jet lag etc., by the time we are arrive at the baggage carousel. And, although we spend an average of 18 minutes waiting for our bag to arrive, our frayed nerves make it seem like an eternity. With a record 3.3 Billion trips logged worldwide last year, that’s an estimated 16+ Billion minutes wasted each year!

In an attempt to solve ‘waiting’, one of the worst things about airline travel, TravelTag offers a solution that gives you freedom from baggage carousels and positively transforms your last mile experience.

Hate waiting at baggage carousels? TravelTag can help.

TravelTag is a luggage tracking app for iOS and Android that uses visual, audible and tactile notifications to ‘announce’ your bag when it arrives on the carousel. Say goodbye to those dreadful baggage carousel routines and say hello to freedom! It’s also incredibly easy to use. Once you purchase a Beacon and download the free TravelTag app, all you need to do is register the Beacon and place it in your checked bag.

You no longer have to wonder when your bag will arrive on the carousel or participate in cart wars. The App lets you identify your bags with confidence. Depending on the type of aircraft, it also lets you confirm that your bags made it on your flight, solving – yet another biggie that irks passengers – ‘missing baggage’.

TravelTag recently won ‘Favorite Product’ at the 78th Massachusetts Innovation Nights event (#MIN78) and was named a finalist at Mass TLC Awards 2015 in the ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology – Mobile Apps’ category.

Frequent or infrequent, business or leisure, travelers of all types seem to LOVE TravelTag!

“I travel a lot for business. This thing lets me carry on with my business w/o having to huddle around the carousel. Who’s got time for that?“ – J Coleman.

”I usually travel with my family so that’s like 6 to 8 bags to track. I love this app! Having to juggle one less thing with kids in tow is a life-saving idea” – Siddharth

“Using TravelTag has allowed me to enjoy freedom from the baggage carousel. Now I only get close to it when my App announces my bag!” – Rachel S.

Still hanging around baggage carousels? Download TravelTag and enjoy freedom from baggage carousels!