Luggage Tracking App for iOS and Android

Insanely Simple Way to Track Your Bags

Get Our Luggage Tracking App for iOS & Android.

On average, we endure 18 - 40 minutes of anxiety, frustration, anger, sleep disorder and jet lag waiting for our bags to arrive at the carousel. We do this because we have to, we are made to - not because we want to.

Whether you're a frequent flier or an occasional traveler, TravelTag, our luggage tracking app for iOS and Android puts you in control.

Once you arrive at your destination, simply launch TravelTag and head to the carousel. The App will notify you (Smartphone or Smartwatch*) when your bags arrive on the belt. Do what you love & enjoy while waiting for your bags and enjoy freedom from baggage carousels!

  • No batteries to replace

    The battery on each Beacon lasts 3-4 years. Just replace the Beacon when it dies.

  • Track your bags from 200 ft away*

    Whether your bags arrive on Belt 1 or Belt 9. It just works!

  • Super Affordable

    From frequent fliers to yearly vacationers - everyone enjoys a #HappyLanding.

  • FCC and TSA Approved

    Trusted by travelers and tested in countries across the globe.

Traveler Trusted. World Tested.

From Seattle to Singapore. Trusted by business and leisure travelers alike.

For Business or Pleasure. Flying Solo or with Family.

TravelTag offers freedom from baggage carousels

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